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Have you signed the petitions yet? If not make sure to do that first by clicking here. Now that you have done that, look below to learn about more ways to get involved and become an active ally to the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Teen Voices is launching a letter writing campaign. Coming soon. 

This is a way you can help just by picking up a phone. Do some research to find some local phone banks campaign near you, and check out this article for more information on how phone banks help.

Check out this list of organizations we have found that you can donate to. Anything helps--whether its $5 or $25. 

This is a great way to campaign for issues that you are passionate about. By lobbying for issues you care about like equal access to health care for minority communities, you can make a change in your community and push your representatives and senators to make decisions you agree with. Click above to find your representative. 

What you may not realize is that peaceful protests are one of the strongest tools to make change. Check out this article to learn more. Click on the yellow box above to see some of our main tricks to staying safe at protests.

Being an active ally can be hard sometimes, but it's important to stand up for injustices when you see them. Be an up-stander and speak up when you see racial inequality in your community. 

On August 23rd, Jacob Blake was shot multiple times in the back by a Kenosha Police Department officer, after broking up an altercation by an unrelated party. The shooting has now left him paralyzed as he fights for his life. Donate now to support him and his family.

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