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Here's Our Tips On Staying Safe At Protests

1. Wear a mask!

It may not seem like it, but Covid-19 is still very infectious and cases are rising quickly. Some states are having more cases now than they had a the "peak" of the virus. This means that you still need to stay safe, and use the same precautions you used at the start of quarantine: mask, gloves, soap and water, social distancing as much as you can! Masks will also come in handy because many cities are using tear gas to break up protests. 

2. Full coverage clothing

In order to stay safe, one of the best things you can do is wear full coverage clothing. Some cities may be using harmful methods to break up protests, and you need to protect your skin and body from any chemicals or rubber bullets used at protests. Also wear comfy shoes you can run in, a bandana to cover your nose and mouth soaked in water, lemon juice or vinegar (this can aid in breathing during chemical exposure), and a hat to protect you from the sun and from chemical weapons.

3. What to bring

Water in a plastic bottle with squirt top to drink and to wash off your skin or eyes, energy snacks, identification and/or emergency contact information, enough money for pay-phone food and transportation, a watch, paper and pen for accurate documentation of events, inhaler, epipen, insulin & several days of prescription medication, menstrual pads--avoid using tampons, you may not find a sanitary place to change, basic First Aid Kit, and wet wipes and tissues.

4. Know your rights

- Freedom of Expression and Assembly: Everyone has the right to carry their opinion to the streets

- Protection of the Right to Freedom of Assembly: Law enforcement must facilitate and not restrict a peaceful public assembly

- Freedom from excessive use of force: In the policing of non-violent protests, police must avoid the use of force

- Right to Medical Assistance: If you are injured you have a right to medical assistance without delay

- Freedom from Arbitrary Arrest and Detention: If you are arrested you have a right to be told of the reason for your arrest, you also have the right to ask for a lawyer as soon as you are arrested (YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO NOT BE QUESTIONED AS A MINOR WITHOUT A LAWYER PRESENT!!)

- Right to Complain: If your rights have been violated you have a right to file a complaint and to be provided information on how to do so

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