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One of the best things you can do for the Black Lives Matter Movement is to learn about the movement and the ongoing fight for racial equality in the United States. Below we have linked some of the best sources for learning about the movement and easy ways to stay informed for the future.

Click above to visit the Black Lives Matter website to learn about their mission. This site is super easy to visit and is a great way to stay involved in the movement and learn about what you can do to make a difference.

Take the time to read this article and learn about why saying "all lives matter" hurts the movement. 

Hear from former President Barak Obama on the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement. This is a super easy read and also has a video at the end--watch it!!

The School-To-Prison pipeline is very important to know about and is extremely harmful to the black community. Read about it here. 

So often Black history is neglected and not taught in our schools. Check out this database to learn a little more about black leaders, activists, change-makers, inventors, and much more. 

Learn about the Civil Rights Movement and its impact on our history. This is a little more about Black History, but the more you know the better!!

Check out this comparison of modern protests and those of the Civil Rights Movement in the 50's and 60's.

Yes. Read this article if you still don't believe us.

Check out this source for some great movies, TV shows, and books on systemic racism and bringing diversity into media.

No. Plain and simple: no. Read this article to learn about the history of this word and the hate it carries when used by someone who is not black.

The truth is, everyone has some racist tendencies or behaviors. Read this article for more on this topic and how to really define racism and fix racist attitudes. 

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