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Beginning Your Journey

The journey of being a teen entrepreneur definitely isn't an easy one. However, baby steps are extremely important. Refer to our guide and steps below in order to get started!


Getting started can mean from the very first stage as well – which is simply coming up with an idea. When kickstarting your business, keep in mind your experience, passion, and desired outcome. If you're more experienced in STEM, you might want to utilize your skills there when creating your business. Additionally, if you are passionate about clothing, you would want to create a business that incorporates fashion into it in some way or another. If your desired outcome is raising awareness, you would want to sell products that raise awareness itself – whether it be mugs with slogans or shirts with solidarity symbols. If your desired outcome is making money for yourself, you would want to sell items that are currently trending and would sell well. Get creative, and think out of the box!


Another important stage is research (especially in areas of marketing). The first step is to find other companies and organizations that are similar to what you are envisioning yours to be, since this will help you to get inspired and set more precise goals. Next, you want to figure out your market itself. Will it be online, a weekly stand in your neighborhood, or something else entirely? This goes hand-in-hand with your target audience – if your target audience is older, you might want to stick to an online platform. Lastly, use help and guidance from experts to figure out your startup costs. You will soon be able to apply to our Teenpreneurship program, which will give you access to experienced college students and teenagers who will be able to help you.

Other Pointers

There are several key things to keep in mind when starting your own business. Firstly, time constraints are extremely important. You cannot start a business without keeping in mind how much time you will be able to dedicate to it every day/week, which is why a schedule/planner would come in handy. Additionally, priorities are everything – whether organizing a to-do list within the business, or missing that birthday party to work on your business instead. Additionally, you should be mentally prepared to come across some obstacles – it's never an easy process. Lastly, remember to stay positive!

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