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Covid-TV is an online community for teenagers worldwide to share their Coronavirus stories and take action to help communities directly impacted by the virus.


Uplift-TV is a platform to empower teenagers to uplift teenagers struggling with different issues that fall under gender rights, health, and education. Uplift provides teenagers with the opportunity to join our Advocacy Leadership program, which guides them in their journey of advocacy to shine light on these overlooked issues. 


Rise-TV is a platform educating and providing teens with mental health resources and support, and is home to the Rise Ambassador program, a program giving teen leaders a space to develop anti-stigmatizing material and content surrounding mental health and emotional support.


Entrepreneurship-TV is a platform that provides you with resources to start up your own business or organization to advocate for issues you're passionate about – a topic that often isn't covered in high school curriculums.


Whyfi Matters


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Empower-teen is hosting an event led by activist Sarah Leclair on how to become an advocate for social justice on July 10th.

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Covid-TV is speaking at a workshop for New York youth hosted by the Youth Advocacy Corps on July 7th. Here we will speak about teen voice and advocacy.

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On June 22, COVID-TV held an event on Mental Health in Quarantine in cooperation with the Youth Advocacy Corps.

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